GFFDamian Online Studio was formed in 2o2o as a way to reach out and connect during a time when we couldn't be together. Working with our studio instructors and instructors from around the world, we were able to expand our GFF family on a global scale.

With our regular classes and specialized online camps, we were able to keep our spirits up, our heels on and our minds active, all from the comfort of our living rooms.




Improve your flexibility with our online Stretch classes or loose those lockdown pounds with our Legs Bums & Tums class

ONLINE STRETCH: Every Tuesday & Saturday:  BOOK NOW >


Get your booty shaking with our Dancehall & Twerk routines or if you fancy something a little more saucy, try our beginners Floorwork classes

ONLINE DANCEHALL: Every Monday & Thursday:  BOOK NOW >

ONLINE FLOORWORK (18+)Every Wednesday & Thursday:  BOOK NOW >

ONLINE FILTHY FRIAY (18+): Every Friday:  BOOK NOW >


Using your at home pole but need a bit of guidance? Join our online pole classes to learn tricks and routines you can do in the smallest of spaces

ONLINE POLE(Imp/Int): Every Tuesday & Saturday:  BOOK NOW >

ONLINE CHAIR (18+)Every Saturday:  BOOK NOW >

Online Camps