Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to the studio! Its been so great to be able to open our doors and welcome in our GFF Family, old and new!

Remember those old toilets that used to leak at the flush of a big batch of toilet paper? Well when we realised fixing this issue would require a bit more than a plunger, we decided to give the studio a bit of a revamp...and what better time to do it than during lockdown!

What started as a simple pipe change quickly turned into an all over studio upgrade.

We wanted to keep the warm fuzzy welcoming feel that is signature GFF, but also making it look more sophisticated...

Our reception area is a regular hang out for most GFF Members, but was always cramped.

Now we have an amazing up-cycled reception desk and inside garden. So once you have checked in, you can sit under the tree and bask in the glow of our GFF Sign.

We also have a new photo wall, where you can use our photo bored & cute back lighting to take an Instagram worthy Polaroid when you visit our studio.

As much as we loved the studios, all your hot sweaty, make up and tanned bodies rubbing against our walls and leaving their marks meant we defiantly needed a fresh coat of paint.

Don't forget the upgraded lighting and funky logos and you now have 3 funky studios.

Have you seen our stage wall? The dark background and neon lighting make its the perfect back drop for all your pole photos, and a great wall to dance your ass off in front of.

Our bathrooms/locker rooms have also been updated. We have opened up the lockers rooms to provide more space for you and your belongings. Each changing room has a private toilet facility in case you want to change in private.

We have also been upgrading some of our background bits!

We have more CCTV, to make entering the studio easier and the entire studio safer.

Member of GFF?

You no longer need to sign in! Just give your name to our receptionist and go on to your class - simple and easy.

You may have spotted a couple of TV screens floating around the studio? Find out all the studio information you need in HDTV format!

We couldn't have done all these changes without the help and support of our amazing instructors and students.

We hope you enjoy the new studio as much as we do!

See you soon


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