Overall Fitness


Pole dancing/Aerial Hoop/Silks, can be physically strenuous. It may be unsuitable for people who suffer from neck or back problems. Pole dancing/Aerial classes are unsuitable if you are pregnant. It is mandatory that any relevant medical condition is started prior to participation. If your circumstances change you are required to fill out a new form. Students with little or no dancing experience are welcome, as are experienced dancers.


Age Policy


Pole dancing is both a wholesome activity and suitable form of exercises. There is no upper age limit. GFFdamian requests that all students in adults classes are over 15. If you look under 18 GFFdamian has the right to ask for ID.


Aerial Hoop Classes - kids allowed 5+

Aerial Silks Classes - kids allowed 6+

Pole Sport Classes - kids allowed 5+




Students must register their details before enrolling on a course. All fees are payable upon enrolment. Fees are non-refundable. Any payments sent to GFFdamian Dance Studio (PayPal, Bank transfer, Through website) are non refundable or non transferable if customer changed their mind. Prior to arrival at their first sessions, all students must sign a written disclaimer starting that they are able to partake in classes and have understood and agree to the GFFdamian policies. Lessons and courses are non refundable if they are not completed and non transferable to any person, although if you and your instructor feels you should move into the next level your fees can be transferred. Courses must be used within 4/5/6 weeks unless previously discussed with GFFdamian. Any missed classes will not be transferable/refundable! No exceptions for any situation. Please do not consume alcohol or drugs before coming to lessons as you will not be allowed on the equipment. Please do not give any negative comments to anyone as this is against our policies and you will be asked to leave.


When booking your class/course and sending your payment you agree with our terms&conditions.


There are 6 levels to complete: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Super Advanced, Professional and Elite. Each level will be individually catered to you and you can move on to each level when both you and your instructor feel you are ready. Each course is designed to build both your strength and confidence.




When taking up any new sporting activity where friction occurs, some bruising and soreness may result. This is also possible when learning pole dancing/aerial hoop/stretch/yoga. You understand that pole dance/aerial hoop/ stretch classes can cause injuries.


Pole dancing/Aerial Hoop are a fantastic body workouts; however, most people find that it takes a couple of weeks for your body to adapt to supporting weight on parts of your body where you wouldn’t normally support weight, for example, the back of your knees, or the inside of your thighs. You will find you will ache from the first lesson but this feeling will go away after a few weeks. This will all be explained to you on your first lesson, and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form to say that you are aware of the possibility of bruising, falls or injury. You are aware that all exercises during the class at GFFdamian You are doing on your own risk. No liability can be taken for any accidents to oneself, any injures/fractures or damage to any property/personal belongings in general caused during lessons with GFFdamian or any affiliates. Accidents to oneself such be reported and added to the accident book before you leave the lesson, failure to follow GFFdamian instructions may result in injury to oneself or another.


Studio Rules


CCTV in operation at our Studio for your personal and our safety and security. 

Students must book in before every lessons starts and show their class pass card to Receptionist.


Students must sign the attendance sheet for fire regulations and accept our Studio Policy BEFORE you start the lesson.


Classes must be booked in advance online. If you are on a beginner course you will be automatically booked in. Please let your instructor know if you are unable to attend so you do not lose your lessons.


24 hours’ notice must be given if you are unable to attend your class, or you will LOSE your lesson from your course or you will be asked to pay the amount of missed classes. This is to enable everyone being able to fit into the class. There is a maximum number of places and each student has to book online to attend. We do not do any expects.


If you PAYG you must pay for your next lesson in advance to ensure your place. When paying for your next course please pay on your 4th week unless previously discussed with GFFdamian.


All fees are payable upon enrolment. Fees are non-refundable if they are not completed and non-transferable to any person, although if you and your instructor feels you should move into the next level your fees can be transferred. Courses must be used within 5/6 weeks unless previously discussed with GFFdamian.


Please note at GFFdamian we do not allow any negative comments towards others as we pride ourselves on having a happy and friendly studio. If GFFdamian feels a student is being bullied then the perpetrator will be asked to leave. I declare that being a student of GFFdamian I will worthily represent the School and I will not contribute to the creation of a bad reputation during the course and after its completion.


There is to also be NO JEWELLERY worn when using the pole as this will scratch both the jewellery and the pole. You may also injure yourself as there are places to get the jewellery caught on the pole.


You must SIGH IN before taking your class and write the lesson number of the course down in the attendance sheet and get your class pass signed. Please arrive on time as the classes will start at the correct time.


You must inform your instructor about any changes in health such as pregnancy or muscles strain.




GFF Locker room etiquette

In keeping with out commitment to offer you the best service, we ask for your assistance in making the locker room a terrific place for you to relax and take care of your needs.

Lockers are for day use only, and for all patrons. 

Locks left overnight will be removed and a fine of £35 will be enforced on collections of items left in the lockers. 

Any items left at the studio for lo get than 4 weeks will be destroyed.

Members must bring their own locks. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. (Locks available to purchase at the Reception).

Help to keep a clean environment for everyone by using the towels and trash bins provided.

The changing rooms and toilets at GFF are regularly checked and maintained, if you have any issues (i.e no toilet paper) please see reception.

Additional Information


At GFFdamian we try to look after the most loyal students and you will each receive a loyal card to use. Our prices are very competitive and are amongst the cheapest in the UK. Please ask your instructor for details.


Notice: Always consult a doctor before undertaking a new form of exercise if you are on medication, or have special requirements. These polices and prices of lessons are subject to change at the discretion of GFFdamian. GFFdamian has the right to refuse anyone who does not adhere to the policies. All paperwork, props, literature and sheets are property of GFFdamian and they are to be kept on the GFFdamian premises.


I have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions.

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