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Dont let the fear of falling stop you from flying


Our foundation courses really are for complete beginners, no experience necessary.

GFF offers 2 aerial courses:

In our Aerial Hoop you will learn everything the Aerial Hoop has to offer at a beginner, from sits, grips to inverts.


Our Aerial Foundation course will give you a taste of all the aerial classes offered at GFF, Hammocks, Hoop, Rope, Silks and straps.

All of our foundation courses run over five weeks and each class lasts for 55 minutes. New Courses start every 6 weeks. 

Check out our bookings page to see when the next course starts


Aerial Hoop, also known as Lyra has been around for centuries but over recent years has become a new trend for performances. 

Our classes will teach you an amazing and elegant new skill whilst challenging you both mentally and physically. Using a metal hoop frame suspended from a rig you will learn tricks, combos and moves using all parts of the hoop.

We offer Beginner - Advanced hoop classes


Aerial rope is from the Indian gymnastic art form of ‘Mallakhamb’ where gymnasists would use a rope to perform their  acrobatic skills.

In our rope classes you will learn how to use the rope for different moves involving wraps, drops and some amazing poses.


Our rope classes our mixed level and our instructor will tailor each class to the students skill set to ensure everyone is getting the best of the class whilst having fun. 


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Aerial Silks classes can be an exciting and dramatic way to learn new skills, improve your aerial performance techniques, and to build up your fitness whilst working out multiple areas of your body.

Our silks classes our mixed level and our instructor will tailor each class to the students skill set to ensure everyone is getting the best of the class whilst having fun. 


Aerial yoga is a hybrid type of yoga which combines traditional yoga poses, pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock. 

Suitable for all levels, our yoga class will leave you feeling energised and relaxed whilst giving you a physical and mental workout.

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Before you book your spot in class you will need to purchase a pricing plan. Once you have picked your chosen plan you will be able to book onto any of the drop in aerial classes.

You must book you class prior to coming to the studio to avoid missing your spot.

You will receive a confirmation email with our T&C's.

Pricing Plans
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We advise you to come 5-10 mins prior to your class. 

You will be asked to leave all unnecessary belongings in the lockers provided and only bring equipment needed the class room.

In a full class, the aerial equipment will be shared by two people (maximum).

Each class will start with a warm up, designed for that specific class and will end in a cool down.

Our instructor will take pictures and videos which are shared on our private FB members group, you can opt out of this if you wish.

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WATER! And plenty of if. We have drinking fountains for you to refill your bottles and water can be purchased at reception.

For Hoop you can wear shorts of leggings, but for the other aerial classes we recommend leggings only as the material can cause friction to the skin. Long sleeve T-shirts are advised for silks/ hammocks and yoga however a tshirt  or vest will work, anything you feel comfortable in.

You will be in bare feet for the warm up. We ask that you do not wear socks during class as they can cause slips, however you may be advised to wear them for some moves.

Please do not wear any hand cream, body moisturisers, self tan or creams on the day of the class as this makes the hoop slippery and dangerous.


All hanging jewellery including rings and necklaces should be removed before class. Exposed belly button bars should be removed or covered with a plaster.

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Do you have age restrictions?

Yes, all our aerial classes are 16+. For anything younger please see our kids page

What happens if I'm late?

We will allow you in 5mins after the class start time, however anything after this we cannot let you in due to Health & Safety. 

Do I need to be strong and fit?

Simply put, No. By doing the aerial classes regularly you will gain a level of strength and fitness that works for you,

Does it hurt?
The hoop can give blisters from grip and you may have some friction burns from our aerial equipment. 


Dec 11 - Dec 17














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