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You can use your pass/plan to book onto any of our GFF lessons (that are included in the pass/plan you have purchased.


Once you have booked onto a session, your pass/plan is activated - we cannot issue refunds or extensions on any activated passes/plans.

Your pass/plan will not be in use after 12:pm on the date of expiry. 

The pass/plan can only be used by the account holder. It cannot be transferred or used by another person.

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We advise you to come 5-10 mins prior to your class. 


All GFF classes have a 5minute cut off period. If you arrive to the studio 5minutes from class start time, you will not be allowed in.

This is counted as a no show, and refunds wont be given.

If the class is cancelled due to any reason, we will give you a 2 hour notice. If you don't hear from us, the class is going ahead.

Your credit will be added pack to your account and your pass will be extended 1 week. Any credits are valid for 1 week only.

If you cannot attend your class for any reason, please let us know so we can free the spot for another member.


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How do I cancel my class?

As long as it doesn't fall within the 24hr cancellation period. you can cancel your class/booking on your account via the web page or app.

If you have booked your class using a plan, the credit will automatically return to your account.

If you have booked the class directly, you will need to drop us a message so that we can add you a credit.

The class I want to book isn't available on my pass, what can I do?

As long as the pass covers the costs of the class GFF can add you manually. However if the class is a higher value than your pass, you will need to purchase a valid pass or book on directly.

Can I freeze/extend my pass?

If your pass hasn't been activated, it can be extended or frozen. We cannot do this on any activated passes/plans.

Can I book my class in person?

Yes, however we cannot reserve spots without payment. So by waiting until you arrive you do run the risk of the missing a spot.


For more information please see our studio policies page:

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