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Answers to some of those frequently asked questions


Where are you?

We are based in the basement of Parkers apartments, however we do have our own entrance at the end of the building.
Our full address and map to the studio can be found on our home page.
If you are lost, give us a call and our team will guide you to the studio.

What are your opening times?

Mon - Fri 10:00-21:30
Sat 10:00-17:00
Sun 11:00-16:00
For room hire we can be flexible on opening times

Do we have age restrictions?

Yes, all of our adult classes are 15+ and our pole dance classes are 18+. For our youth and kids classes check out the GFF Kids page.

What is your shoe policy?

The studio has a strict no outdoor shoes policy as we have had injuries due to glass brought in from shoes. So if you have a class that requires shoes, please bring a second pair.

I am trans/non binary/gender neutral, is your studio suitable for me?

Absolutely. GFF classes are for everyone, regardless of gender. Our facilities are uni sex and each has a private area for individual changing.

Is there any weight restrictions?

No, all of our equipment is load tested and our instructors are trained in teaching all different body weights, shapes and sizes.

Do I need experience?

Whilst we do recommend if you don't have any experience, that you complete one of our foundation courses. This is not a necesssity. We have drop in classes for all levels from complete beginner to advanced.

Do I need to be strong/fit/flexible?

Simply put, No. By doing the our classes regularly you will gain a level of strength and fitness that works for you

Do you take photo's/videos?

We take photos and videos in our classes to help students see progression. These are shared in our members only FB group. We occasionally use these for promo pictures on our social media, however if you are not comfortable simply let us know and we will make sure they are not used anywhere without your consent.


Do I have to book or can I just show up?

You do need to book your spot in the class prior to attending the studio. Not booking could mean you miss a spot or the class is cancelled due to lack of bookings.

I bought a pricing plan but I cannot attend any of the classes, can I get a refund?

Once your pass/ course has been activated we are unable to issue refunds or freeze/ extend the class. No exceptions.

I cant make it to the class, what do I do?

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. If you know your not going to make a future booked class make sure to cancel before the 24hrs so you get your class back. Any classes cancelled within 24hrs is a lost class. But please let us know if you are unable to make the class so we can free the spot up for someone else.

I'm running late, what do I do?

We will allow you in 5mins after the class start time, however anything after this we cannot let you in due to Health & Safety.



What is the difference between pole fitness & pole dance?

Our pole fitness classes are designed to teach you amazing pole moves and tricks, whilst giving you a full body work out. Where as pole dance is the sexy side of pole, using influences from the origins of pole to teach you ways to wow yourself and your audience with complex base work, low flow, deceptive strength work and crazy transitions.

What should I wear?

For Pole classes we recommend shorts and a vest/sports bra as clothing can make it harder to grip to the pole. You can purchase specialised clothing with grip from online pole companies if you are uncomfortable with having skin out for class. Bare feet only in pole fitness classes, no heels.
For Pole Dance, pole shoes and kneepads are recommended but not essential. However for pole dance classes only pole heels are allowed, regular heels and shoes are not safe. We do have some spare in the studio for people to try.

All hanging jewellery including rings and necklaces should be removed before class. Exposed belly button bars should be removed or covered with a plaster.

Please do not wear any hand cream, body moisturisers, self tan or creams on the day of the class as this makes the hoop slippery and dangerous.

Will it hurt

Like with any form of exercise you will feel some soreness & tenderness after and possibly during the activity. You may also experience some light redness and bruising from contact with the pole but should never feel pain. 


What aerial classes do you offer?

We specialise in aerial hoop, rope, silks and straps. We also offer mixed aerial classes where you can try multiple pieces of equipment and aerial conditioning classes to help gain strength and flexibility needed for aerial 

What should I wear?

For Hoop you can wear shorts of leggings, but for the other aerial classes we recommend leggings only as the material can cause friction to the skin. Long sleeve T-shirts are advised for silks/ hammocks and yoga however a tshirt  or vest will work, anything you feel comfortable in.

You will be in bare feet for the warm up. We ask that you do not wear socks during class as they can cause slips, however you may be advised to wear them for some moves.

Please do not wear any hand cream, body moisturisers, self tan or creams on the day of the class as this makes the hoop slippery and dangerous.

 All hanging jewellery including rings and necklaces should be removed before class. Exposed belly button bars should be removed or covered with a plaster.

Why do I need to remove jewellery?

Sharp accessories can tear the fabric in silks and can fray the ropes/straps. Watch,belt buckles and zips also do this, so should be removed while training. Rings impact your ability to grip, and can be dangerous when training aerial hoop.

Why do I keep slipping?

As well as building up strength and technique... have you thought about what you are wearing? Synthetic/polyester fabric is slippy, as are socks. Relatable to pole, where you need bare skin to grip... cotton clothing such as joggers/t-shirts are better suited especially for silks and rope.

Why does it pinch/hurt so much?

Your body and skin may not be used to the equipment or style of training. The more you practice, the less things hurt or pinch as your body adapts, muscles strengthen and technique improves to make the best use of your equipment. Your skin also conditions in a similar way, becoming familiar with the movement and material, and allowing your pain receptors to relax.

Can I try this move I saw on instsgram?

Not by yourself... have an instructor analyse the skill and break it down into sections. Instagram is great for inspiration but is not a secure way to learn. You may miss a wrap because the artist is facing the wrong way, or may not see minor details in technique which could be crucial to performing a move/sequence or drop safely and securely.


What are floor classes?

Floor classes are the based on the floor and not using equipment, these include Acrobalance, Dance and Stretch classes

What dance classes do you offer?

We have a variety of dance classes including Chair Dance, Commercial Heels, Contemporary, Dancehall, Floorwork, Reggaeton. Striptease and Twerk. We also work with outside teachers who teach regular Burlesque and Commercial

Do I need a dance background?

All our lessons are suitable for beginners to advanced. It doesnt matter if you have never dance before, don't have rhythm or are a professional dancer. GFF dance classes are designed to help you learn a new skill whilst having fun and feeling the energy of dance.

What should I wear?

Each dance class is different, we always advise our members to wear what they feel comfortable in whilst not being too restrictive.


Outside shoes are not permitted in the studio, if you require shoes to dance in you will need to bring a second pair.

For heels class you will need regular shoes not pole shoes.

For Twerk you may need kneepads, which can be purchased at reception

You will be in bare feet for the warm up. 

All hanging jewellery including rings and necklaces should be removed before class. Exposed belly button bars should be removed or covered with a plaster.

Is stretch the same as yoga?

Whilst we do use some elements of yoga, stretch class is designed to get the most out of your personal flexibility. 

Do I need to be fexible to come to stretch?

No, the GFF instructors will use different techniques to help each individual with their own personal flexibility journey. From not being able to touch your toes to bending over backwards, our stretch classes are suitable for everyone.

What is acrobalance?

Acrobalance is a floor-based acrobatic art that involves balances, lifts and creating shapes performed in pairs or groups.

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