GFFDamian specialises in both pole fitness and pole dance.



Our pole fitness classes are designed to teach you amazing pole moves and tricks, whilst giving you a full body work out.


Our foundation courses really are for complete beginners, no experience necessary.

Over 5 weeks you will learn the very basics of pole including movement, grips and sits.

All of our foundation courses run over five weeks and each class lasts for 55 minutes. New Courses start every 6 weeks. 

Check out our bookings page to see when the next course starts

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Once you have the basics of pole, you can try our drop in classes, which come in all different levels:

Beginners - Improvers

Need a bit of a refresh from your course? Our Beginner/Improver lessons will go over everything from your course & prepare you for the next level of pole.

Intermediate - Advanced

The intermediate and advanced classes will challenge and push you to be the best poler you can be. With amazing moves and tricks you will be surprised at what you can do.

Open Level

Everyone welcome! No matter what stage you are at, our instructors will have something fun and new for you to learn. 


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Combo class will show you how to put together different moves, using tricks you may know as well as various entries and exits, to create a small routine.

From beginner to advanced, combo classes are a great way to learn a new style of pole fitness.