GFFDamian Dance Studio’ provides quality instruction in performing arts. Using performing arts as a medium for teaching “life lessons” such as the value of hard work, teamwork, self-discipline, and respect of others. GFFDamian Dance Studio also provides opportunities for professional artists to practice, train, teach and perform in their specific artistic genres.





All GFFDamian dance studio classes can be physically strenuous. Some Pole & Aerial activities may be unsuitable for people who suffer from neck or back problems or unsuitable if pregnant.

It is mandatory for all students that the GFF instructors are informed of any medical conditions prior to participation.



Whilst we believe pole dance & fitness is both a wholesome activity and is a suitable form of exercise, we do have some age restrictions for some classes.
Children's class range from 6 to 14. Adult classes are 15 and over. Exotic classes are 18 and over due to the nature and content of some of the erotic classes.

Lessons Policy

  • Students must register their details via our website before enrolling for a class or course. All details are stored within GDPR guidance.

  • All fees are payable upon enrolment. Fees are non-refundable. Lessons & courses are non refundable or transferable.

  • By booking your class online, you are agreeing to our disclaimer which states you are able to partake in classes & have understood and agree to our policies.

  • Courses must be used within 5/6 weeks unless previously discussed with GFFDamian. Any missed classes will not be transferable/ refundable unless previously discussed with GFFDamian.


Please note the latest that clients can book onto the online session is 10-minutes.

You can request a recording of your class, however this needs to be pre requested at the time of booking.


All classes must be cancelled 24hours prior to the class time, any cancellations within 24hours to your class time are non-refundable.

equality Policy


GFFDamian Dance Studio is committed to encouraging equality and diversity amongst all team members and students alike, whilst seeking to extinguish any unlawful discrimination.
At GFFDamian Dance Studio we will not discriminate because of race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, sex [gender] or sexual orientation and champions that what is outlined in the equality act 2010 in relation to protected characteristics. 
GFFDamian Dance Studio will further not discriminate against any other associated characteristics and will take all steps to provide an environment where by all staff, teachers and students treat each other equally, fairly with respect.



All GFFDamian Dance Studio team members & students have an equal responsibility to promote the approach to this policy with the aim being for our team members & students to be truly representative of all sections of society with all to feel respected & be able to give their best. Any behaviour that contravenes this policy by team members or students will be dealt with accordingly. Any behaviour by a student will be dealt with at the discretion of the GFFDamian Dance Studio management team directly & could lead to the student being removed from the studio permanently.
As outlined above this policy applies to all persons associated to GFFDamian Dance Studio, including contractors, students, suppliers and teachers in line with the equality act 2010.
GFFDamian Dance Studio management will ensure all team members are aware of the requirements of the equality act 2010 have ready the enclosed policy and provided with training where required.


To encourage equality and diversity within the studio GFFDamian Dance Studio will ensure all team members & teachers are provided  with the required training outlining their rights and responsibilities under the equality act.
To create an environment free from bullying, harassment, victimisation, unlawful discrimination, whilst promoting dignity and respect for all and where individual differences are embraced and all contributions are recognised. This will include team members conducting themselves to help GFFDamian Dance Studio promote equal opportunities and prevent bullying, 
harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination.
All team members should understand they, as well as their employer, can be held liable for acts of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, in the course of their employment, against fellow team members, customers, suppliers and the public.





Student must book their lesson online, prior to class start time.
By booking you class, you are agreeing to abide by all studio rules and policies, and the GFFDamian disclaimer.
If you are unable to attend your class, you must cancel or give notice prior to 24hours of your class start time, failure to do so will result in a loss of class.
Please do not consume, drugs or alcohol prior to attending any classes at GFFDamian. If suspected of being under the influence, you will be asked to leave.
GFFDamian is an All-Inclusive studio, and as such holds both its students and instructors to our Equality policy. Anyone who is not following the policy will be asked to leave the studio.
No jewellery to be worn when using poles or aerial equipment.
GFFDamian have the right to refuse anyone who does not adhere to the policies set out above.


When taking up any new sporting activity where friction occurs, some bruising & soreness mat result. This is also possible when learning pole dancing.
Pole & aerial classes are a fantastic body workout; however, most people find that it takes a couple of weeks for you body to adapt to supporting weight on parts of your body where you wouldn't normally support weight. You will find you will ache from the first lesson, but this will go away after a few weeks.
By booking your lesson, you are agreeing that you are aware of the possibility of bruising, falls or injury. That all exercises during the class at GFFDamian I am doing on my own risk. No liability can be taken for any accidents to oneself, any injuries/fractures or damage to any persons or property caused during lessons. 
Accidents are to be reported and logged before you leave the lesson. Failure to follow GFFDamian instructions may result in injury to oneself or another.


In keeping with out commitment to offer you the best service, we ask for your assistance in making the locker room a terrific place for you to relax and take care of your needs.

  • Lockers are for day use only, and for all patrons.

  • Locks left overnight will be removed and a fine of £35 will be enforced on collections of items left in the lockers.

  • Any items left at the studio for longer than 4 weeks will be destroyed.

  • Members must bring their own locks. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. (Locks available to purchase at the Reception).

  • Help to keep a clean environment for everyone by using the towels and trash bins provided.

  • The changing rooms and toilets at GFF are regularly checked and maintained, if you have any issues (i.e no toilet paper) please see reception.


  • Please arrive within a reasonable time frame, to avoid congestion in the corridors.

  • Please do not enter the building if you don't have a mask. You can purchase masks at the studio reception.

  • Masks must be worn in call communal areas of the building. These can be removed once in the class rooms.

  • To help maintain social distancing, our changing rooms and facilities are now unisex. There are closed areas in each of the rooms for individual privacy.

  • On arrival, we have a temperature scanner and sanitizer, please use both before entering the studio - if your temperature is higher than 37.8C please do not come into the studio.

  • Once in the studio, please queue by the reception desk using the markers provided (right side).

  • Please practice social distancing at all times. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer provided.

  • All outside clothing is to be left in the changing rooms, this includes any leggings or jumpers worn outside and all outside shoes.

  • Only needed equipment to be taken into each studio including;

    • Water Bottle

    • Towel

    • Phone

    • Dry hands

    • Any shoes for class to be put on in the studio

  • No food to be brought into or consumed in the studio

  • Once your session has finished, please exit swiftly to allow us time to prepare the studio for the next class.

All Covid-19 restrictions are temporary and will be reviewed on a weekly basis, and with Government guidelines.



CCTV is in place throughout the studio for the safety of our instructors, students and studio.


The above policies and prices are subject to change at the discretion of GFFDamian.


Always consult a doctor before undertaking a new form of exercise if you are on medication or have special requirements.

For more information or clarification on any of our policies, please contact our studio manager at:

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