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Heels Hoop

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Hi Everyone

As Manager of the studio I don't get to go to as many classes as Id like, but when we announced we were adding Heels Hoop to the schedule I knew it was one not to be missed.

Combining elements of Aerial Hoop, Pole Dance and Floorwork what more could we want!

Last night was the first class and it absolutely lived up to expectations.

Beth has been teaching pole for 11 years and aerial for 8, she certainly knows her way around a hoop. She also has the ability to make songs that aren't usually known for the sexiness super hot, and her first heels hoop class was no exception.

After a fun warm up and some challenging but hilarious heels exercises we were ready to go.

Having done pole dance, hoop and floorwork previously I thought it was gonna be a breeze. But it felt like I was learning an entirely new skill. Evening standing provocatively by the hoop is so much different than on the pole. However Beth's teaching style made it easy to pick up the subtle differences along with the routine.

They say time flies when your having fun, but boy did it! Even after being at the studio all day I was not ready for the class to end.

Id absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for something new, a bit different or a really fun work out.

Here is a little snippet of Beth's amazing routine to Teenage Dirtbag.

Heels Hoop - Monday 8:20

Kneepads and heels are needed

Open level (hoop improver+)

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