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Into The World of Pole Dance

Pole Dancing is a unique combination of dance, movement and acrobatics.

It's the perfect way to build endurance and flexibility whilst working that pole! #workthatpole

It's all about wowing yourself and your audience with complex base work, low flow, deceptive strength work and crazy transitions. And with heels on, it doesn't get much hotter!

Using influences from the origins of Pole, our teachers sensory dance classes will teach all levels some bad ass routines and how to embrace your sexuality.

The Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Aside from looking HOT, Pole Dancing comes with tons of extra benefits.

Mental Health - Pole Dancing is a great way to de-stress and give yourself some well deserved 'me-time'.

Regular exercise can have major positive impacts on mental health conditions.

Such as Anxiety, Stress and Depression. This is due to the endorphins (happy hormones) that are released during exercise.

Balance & Coordination - Good balance and co-ordination is the foundation of movement.

Balance is the ability to evenly distribute your weight in order to remain steady in your desired position. Co-ordination is the ability to simultaneously and efficiently use different parts of the body.

Confidence Boost - You look hot out there! So enjoy it.

It's so liberating to free yourself whilst on the pole, feel each movement, channel your sexy! It's your journey and you make the rules, we're just here to guide you through it. #boss

What To Bring

Don't worry, we've got you covered - our guide below includes everything that you'll need to bring.

Water - Don't forget to grab your favourite water bottle, it's extremely important to stay hydrated. We have drinking fountains for top-ups and water can be purchased at reception.

Outfit - We recommend that you wear shorts as they provide better grip whilst on the pole. This can be paired with a T-shirt, vest or sports bra.

Kneepads are also great for all pole dance style classes and can also be purchased at


Heels - The course will consist of Pole Dance, Floorwork and Tricks in Heels, so get those heels out! Facebook Marketplace is a great and affordable place to purchase your first set of pole heels. However, If you are looking for a shiny new pair, has tons of different styles and colours.

No hanging jewellery - All hanging jewellery should be removed before class.

Exposed belly button rings should be removed or covered with a plaster in order to avoid any accidents.

Avoid self tans & lotions - Avoid hand cream, lotions, self tan and body moisturisers on the day of your class as it could make the pole slippery and dangerous.

Final thoughts

The course will begin on the 6th January at 5:00pm and is spread out over 5 weeks.

We'll start with the basics, then each week, your instructor will turn up the heat and throw in some more challenging moves.

Don't worry about not being able to perform a particular move/exercise.

Go at your own pace, your instructor is only a shout away and is here to help you feel comfortable and work through any challenges.

You'll make plenty of pole friends during the course, however, starting with a friend gives you that added support and motivation.

You can also help each other track the journey and look back at how far you have come. You will be awarded with a new shiny 'Foundation Pole Dance' certificate at the end of your course.

Now that you are all set, grab a pal and secure your slot!

See you soon x

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