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Let's Talk About Stress...

This International Stress Awareness Week, we're focusing on 6 main 'stress busters' and the different ways that they each help to manage stress.

Stress affects everyone differently, so it's extremely important to have a stress management regime that is tailored to you.

The most common causes of stress include:

  • Body Image

  • Health

  • Housing

  • Work

  • Debt

  • Self- Image

  • Pressure to Succeed

A lot of these pressures intertwine within each other, e.g. If your work-life is overwhelming, it could affect your health. However, debt could be a contributing factor to you working so many hours.

Whether you relate to one of them, or you relate to 5 of them, we have a number of 'stress busters' to help you manage and make you feel a little lighter.

6 Stress Busters to help you manage stress

Take control - The act of taking control is in itself, empowering and a crucial part of finding a solution to your problem.

Write your problem(s) down, along with different avenues that could lead to a solution. Also, jot down any obstacles that you're concerned about and different ways to navigate through them.

Be Active - Exercise is an amazing way to physically and mentally release stress from your body. Physically, exercise strengthens your bones and muscles whilst simultaneously improving your self-confidence.

Mentally, exercise increases levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. It may also improve symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Find a Balance - A supportive network of colleagues, family and friends goes a long way.

Reach out to your loved ones when you need a shoulder to lean on, they'll feel relieved that you reached out and have tons of love and support waiting for you.

Nevertheless, ensure that you make time for some 'me-time' and do the things that you love and that help to lift your spirits during difficult moments.

Prioritise Sleep & a Balanced Diet - Stress is a big contributing factor to sleep quality and If you aren't getting enough sleep, your stress can get worse. Create a night-time routine that allows you to unwind and turn-off.

If you have a smartphone, the 'do not disturb' function is great for silencing all/notifications of your chose, whilst you sleep.

In terms of diet, our body requires certain vitamins & nutrients in order to perform properly and deal with stress effectively. Ensure that your diet includes plenty of water, fruit and veg.

Challenge Yourself - You're stronger than you think! Overcoming tough obstacles is crucial to building resilience. Set goals and challengers that boost your confidence, provide you with a true sense of accomplishment and keep you grounded.

Practice Mindful Breathing - Take some time each day to breathe.

As simple as this task seems, mindful breathing is great for stress management.

Start by focusing your attention on your breathing and the way each inhale and exhale makes you feel. Bring your attention to what's around you, your environment is your personal safe space and you've decorated it accordingly, then move to all of the other things in your life that make you feel happy and complete.

Take as long as you need and each time you do this technique, focus on how it made you feel and remember that you can retreat back to this happy place at any point in time.

De-Stress With Us

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